Fire Department

The Tarboro Fire Department consists of 22 professional firefighters and 6 volunteer firefighters. Our mission at the Tarboro Fire Department is to protect lives, property and to educate the citizens of Tarboro and the surrounding community of Edgecombe County about fire safety and prevention. We strive to educate the public of potential hazards and ways to prevent those hazards from becoming problems.

Message from the Fire Chief
We encourage our firefighters to train, educate and work with each other to better our department in every area. This internal strategy has proven itself effective through our last Public Protection Classification through the Insurance Service Office (ISO) that was improved from a Class 4 to a Class 3. 

We have a proud group of firefighters here in Tarboro from the veterans to the early career recruits. They share past and present knowledge with each other and also enjoy sharing and teaching preventative methods with the public.   

Feel free to contact either of our stations or myself if you have any further questions about Tarboro’s Fire Department of the services that we provide:

Station 1  (252) 641-4288
Station 2  (252) 641-4297

Lee Bell

General Information
Consisting of 22 professional firefighters and 8 volunteer firefighters, the Tarboro Fire Department operates out of two stations and protects an area of 11 square miles containing 11,000-plus citizens. A number of firefighters are on duty at all times with three shifts working 24 hours a day. All firefighters are trained in Confined Space Rescue, Swift Water Rescue, and E.M.S. When responding to any of these types of emergencies, the professional firefighters rely on our well-trained volunteer firefighters to assist them. 

Fire Chief Lee Bell
2208 Howard Avenue
Tarboro, NC 27886
(252) 641-4296