The Town of Tarboro prohibits discrimination based on disability with respect to all terms and conditions of employment and access to Town activities, programs and services.  Any interference, coercion, restraint, retaliation or reprisal of individuals alleging discrimination based on disability, is prohibited. For the purposes of this policy, an individual with a disability is defined as any person who:

1. Has a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits life activities.
2. Has professional record of such impairment.

 The Town of Tarboro is committed to:

  • Providing reasonable accommodation for individuals with disabilities to participate in employment, activities, programs and services.
  • Establishing procedure that allows such individuals to request accommodation.
  • Providing access to public facilities, buildings, sidewalks, and crosswalks.
  • Establishing effective communication for applicants, beneficiaries, members of the public, and companions with disabilities.

Details regarding implementation of the Town Transition Plan and employee contacts for ADA concerns are mentioned in this document.

In an effort to make the Town of Tarboro’s public facilities accessible to all, the Town is engaged in developing an American with Disabilities Act (ADA) Transition Plan for public facilities around Tarboro. The ADA Transition Plan demonstrates Tarboro’s commitment to providing equal access to all public programs and services for citizens with disabilities.

The plan should identify physical obstacles that limit accessibility, describe methods to make facilities accessible, provide a schedule for modifications, and identify public officials responsible for implementation of the ADA Transition Plan.

Providing Input:

Our Transition Plan process is currently in development and the Town would like your suggestions. Please help with this process, by communicating concerns regarding accessibility of public facilities within Tarboro.  Please remember to limit accessibility concerns to public facilities.  By definition, public facilities are owned and operated by the Town of Tarboro and include, but not limited to:

  • Town Hall
  • Recreation Centers
  • Public Parks
  • Town Common
  • Blount Bridgers House
  • Police Station

The Town is seeking representatives to assist:

** Senior citizens, caretakers for and people with disabilities, of all varieties, are encouraged to become representatives for your community and assist our Town with transitions.

We also welcome input from:

  • People with experience in ADA planning requirements
  • Residents interested in volunteering with ADA transitions

Additional information on the Transition Plan can be obtained by contacting the Town Risk ADA Coordinator, John Moore.

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 220
Tarboro, NC 27886

Street Address:
506 Dowd St
Tarboro, NC 27886

In accordance with the requirements of Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (“ADA”), the Town of Tarboro will not knowingly discriminate against individuals based on disability when planning programs and services.

Employment: The Town of Tarboro will comply with all regulations promulgated by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission under Title I of the ADA.

Effective Communication: To provide equal participation in programs and services, the Town of Tarboro will generally, upon request, provide effective communication aids for persons with speech, hearing, or vision impairments. This includes, but is not limited to, sign language interpreters and documents in Braille.

Modifications to Policies and Procedures: The Town of Tarboro will make reasonable modifications in policy to provide equal opportunity for all public programs and services. For example, individuals with service animals are welcomed in Town offices, even where pets are generally prohibited.

**Anyone who requires a communication aid or modification to policy for participation in programs should contact the Risk Manager/ADA Coordinator at 252-641-4235 as soon as possible but no later than 48 hours before the scheduled event.

The ADA does not require the Town of Tarboro to take any action that would fundamentally alter the nature of its programs and services or impose undue financial burden.

Suggestions to improve accessibility for persons with disabilities should be directed to the Risk Manager/ADA Coordinator.

The Town of Tarboro will not place a surcharge on an individual or any group of individuals with disabilities to cover the cost of providing auxiliary aids/services or reasonable modifications of policy, such as retrieving items from locations that are open to the public but are not accessible to persons who use wheelchairs.