Public Works

Solid Waste
Provide residential solid waste collection, leaf collection, bulk item disposal, residential yard waste. Coordinate the town's recycling program. 

Phone: 252-641-4235 or 252-641-4204.

Fleet Maintenance
Operate maintenance and repair facility for town vehicles, construction equipment, emergency vehicles, and other rolling stock. Provide fueling station for all town equipment.

Leslie Boyd - Equipment Services Supervisor
Phone: 252-641-4245

Repair and maintain town streets and sidewalks, street signs, municipal parking lots, provide barricades and special assistance to other town departments.

Michael Everette - Streets and Sanitation Supervisor
Phone: 252-641-4262

Buildings and Grounds
Maintain and repair town owned buildings and grounds.

Chris League - B & G Supervisor
Phone: 252-641-4233

Water Resources
Construct and maintain the town's water distribution, wastewater collection, and storm drainage systems. Provide special programs in I/I reduction, backflow prevention, leak detection and others.

Danny Robinson - Water & Sewer Supervisor
Phone: 252-641-4231

Wastewater Treatment
Operate the town's wastewater management facility using secondary treatment, enforcement of wastewater ordinance including permitting and pre-treatment programs for industrial users. The recently expanded wastewater treatment plant has a 5 mgd capacity with 2.5 mgd available for future use.

Kevin Peaden- WWTP Supervisor
Phone: 252-641-4251

Water Treatment
Operate the town's water plant in providing the citizens, businesses, and industries a safe and adequate supply of water. The Town's water plant has a 6 million gallon per day (mgd) capacity of which 2.5 mgd is available for use by new or expanding industries.

Lindsay Stroud - WTP Supervisor
Phone: 252-641-4284